Passive aggressive

I hope your clothes are always soggy,
That every night at 3am you piss yourself with worry.
I hope the waitress you make fun of spits in your iced coffee.
I hope a pigeon shits on your new suit,
I hope your hairline recedes and a unibrow comes through.
And when you’re bursting for a piss, I hope the line’s long.
I hope you find the love of your life, but the time’s wrong.
I hope you pour yourself a lovely bowl of cereal only to find out that the milk’s off, bitch.


  1. Aaron · September 4, 2016

    The stern consistent tone the piece had was actually very surprising as I more so see short structure poems on random vague whimsical topics it seems the absences of deviation in stanzas and emphasis on pattern lent itself to fluency well and powerfully conveyed while reading, all on first read, showing great emphathy toward the reader and that regardless of the contents material the approach has more of an effect (the use of I hope, was great). Though we do not understand the motivations I’d say the atmosphere and intent far satisfied that need for a logical preface that is more often than not a requirement for relatability with the “chacater”.

    Because of the lack a beginning or end it seemed though you were caught I’m the middle of something which I think helped with potraying the emotive part of the text as the readers mind state is automatically in search of “reason” and “purpose” by the second sentence and by the end has caught on and understood.

    Overall great piece


    • Milxntx · September 4, 2016

      Thank you for your taking the time to read and thoroughly comment on the piece, I very much appreciate the feedback.


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